2024 Mercedes E-Class Will Have TikTok Built In Users Can Also Do Zoom Calls on Superscreen New MB OS Details

Mercedes-Benz has shown the interior of the 2024 E-Class, which will be packed with advanced features. The new interior will get a superscreen on the dashboard, which will spread across the dashboard. Along with this, voice recognition (voice recognition) has been claimed to be better than before. The attention-grabbing feature is TikTok. The company has also included TikTok and Zoom in the new system. People in the car will be able to watch TikTok videos on the superscreen.

Mercedes-Benz Hyundai has added TikTok feature to the new and improved digital system on the interiors of its 2024 E-Class cars, which will allow users to watch videos. Due to the huge display, the passenger sitting in it and the passenger sitting in the rear will be able to enjoy all the videos. There will also be a driver monitoring system for security, which will track where the driver is looking. In addition, videos can only be viewed when the vehicle is parked.

Mercedes And TIC Toc k joint statement It has been told that the two screens in the vehicle will run independently, so both the driver and the passenger can log into their own accounts and will also get separate feeds for them. Those who do not have an account will be able to browse as a guest and see the top content of TikTok.

The statement says, “From spending time waiting in your vehicle to enjoying a moment to yourself while your car is stopped before driving to your destination, TikTok will be your new favorite activity when parked.” Which will give you a stream of videos made just for you.

Apart from this, Zoom has also been included, through which users will be able to do video meetings directly in the car without opening the laptop. A selfie camera will also be included in the new system, so they can make video calls and take pictures of themselves.

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