26 wickets in 3 matches …. Nagaur’s son Rajesh Bishnoi is creating panic at the age of 32

Report- Krishna Kumar
Nagaur. Keep doing your work, don’t wish for the fruit… We have been hearing this sentence for centuries. But it takes a lot of hard work to prove it true. The story of Rajesh Bishnoi, a resident of Nagaur, Rajasthan, is also similar. He told that he has reached this point by working hard for 12-13 hours daily. Rajesh is a left arm spinner. Who is currently playing with the Meghalaya team in Ranji Trophy.

Rajesh Bishnoi was born in 1990 in Chawandiyan, a small village in Nagaur. His father has been a policeman. He started playing cricket at a very young age. Seeing his passion for cricket, his parents cooperated a lot. Due to which today he is playing Ranji Trophy for the Meghalaya team.

Cricket played with three teams
Rajesh Bishnoi said, ‘Till now I have played Ranji with three teams. First for the Rajasthan team, later for Arunachal Pradesh, at present I am playing Ranji Trophy for the Meghalaya team. Rajesh told that he first worked in railways along with playing. At present, he is on the post of Assistant Management in Reserve Bank of India, Jaipur.

Highest wicket taker bowler
Rajesh has created a stir in the current Ranji season. He has taken the most wickets in this season so far. So far he has taken 26 wickets in three matches. He was selected man of the day in two matches.

dream of playing in indian team
Rajesh Bishnoi told that my dream is to play in the Indian team. I will keep working hard for this. Rajesh, 32, made his debut in first-class cricket in the year 2016.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : December 31, 2022, 15:30 IST

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