41 year odl cricketer took stunning catch icc shared the video watch here

Age is just a number… Means age is just a number and this proverb has been proved right by the 41 year old Ugandan cricketer Frank Ensubuga. During the match between Kenya and Uganda in the group stage of the Cricket World Cup Challenge League, Ensubuga took such a catch, the video of which has been shared by the ICC on its official Twitter handle and this catch has been described as one of the best catches ever. .

Ensubuga, running backwards near the boundary line, took an almost impossible catch. This match was played on 26 June. Kenya batsman Irfan Karim was batting in the 18th over. In order to increase the pace of runs, Karim got shot in the air.

The ball went over the fielder standing at square leg. Ensubaga took the catch by running backwards from the square leg area. All the young cricketers of the world should take a lesson from the agility he showed on the field in 41 years.

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