5 blunders of Delhi Capitals, how Delhi kept winning and losing, the captain also became a villain

New Delhi. The last hope of Delhi Capitals also got destroyed in Chennai when they had to face defeat against the host CSK. After this defeat from Chennai Super Kings, he has 8 points in the point table. That is, even if Delhi Capitals win all their remaining three matches, they will not be able to move beyond 14 points. The equation of IPL 2023 playoffs says that 14 points are not enough to move forward. After all, what went wrong with the Delhi Capitals equipped with veteran cricketers. After all, where did cricketers like David Warner, Mitchell Marsh, Akshar Patel, Anik Norkia, Lungi Angidi, Prithvi Shaw, Manish Pandey miss out? Why mentors and coaches like Sourav Ganguly, Ricky Ponting, Shane Watson failed.

Captain did not live up to expectations
The first reason for the defeat of Delhi Capitals was that its captain David Warner did not live up to the expectations. David Warner, famous for explosive batting, remained the top scorer of his team but his strike rate was less than 120. It is often shown that Warner is at the crease, yet the opposing bowlers dominate the match. This veteran of Australia played suppressed against his nature. Played under pressure. Stood at the crease, but could not put pressure on the opponents. Result- Delhi Capitals often lost even after coming close to victory.

IPL 2023 watchers know that Akshar Patel was the only Delhi cricketer who, when he was at the crease, felt that his team could win. This all-rounder of India scored 267 runs at an average of 33.37. His strike rate was 138.34. Akshar Patel hit maximum 14 sixes for Delhi Capitals. But Delhi Capitals captain David Warner could not use them properly. Even the team management equipped with great cricketers probably could not convince Warner to let the informed Akshar Patel bat at the top of the order. Often, by the time Akshar Patel came to bat, the match would have been out of Delhi’s hands.

descent to earth
Delhi Capitals retained only a few players before the auction. One of these names was that of Prithvi Shaw, who was kept with him by paying ₹ 7.5 crores. But Prithvi disappointed his team and fans very much. He scored only 47 runs in 40 balls in 6 matches. The thing about ‘karela woh bhi neem chadha’ for Delhi was that it did not even have the right replacement for Prithvi Shaw. The opening pair of Delhi Capitals was one of the most unsuccessful pairs of the tournament. The team lost the wicket 4 times without even opening the account.

Late entry of Ishant Sharma
Not only the batting of Delhi Capitals, bowling also failed. In this team there was a speedster like Enrik Norkia, there were experienced fast bowlers like Lungi Angidi-Ishant Sharma. But the team management did not make him a proper unit. Take the example of Ishant Sharma. Ishant took 6 wickets in 6 matches. His average was less than 25 and the economy rate was 7.52. Despite this, Ishant got a place in the bowling unit when he started losing matches.

Reliance on Rishabh Pant
The defeat of Delhi Capitals also shows that the replacement of Rishabh Pant was not thought of while making the team. If injury is a part of the game, then any team has to be prepared for it. The Delhi team did not prepare for this. This is the reason why Delhi had to face 3 shortcomings simultaneously as soon as Rishabh Pant was ruled out due to injury. The first shortcoming was captaincy, which was overcome to some extent by David Warner. But the lack of batting in the middle order did not go away till the end. Often whenever the opening pair of the team failed, the middle order also collapsed. Or the middle order started batting in ODI style instead of T20. As Manish Pandey and Rylee Raso shared a 50-run partnership after falling 3 wickets early against Chennai Super Kings but for this they also played more than 50 balls. In T20 cricket, it will be considered as batting with two and a half kos for nine days. Had Pant been there, this would not have happened. And in the end, of course Pant also missed as a wicketkeeper.

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