5 dangerous bowlers on whose ball the batsman could not even hit a six, big names in the list

Cricket Records: Nothing is impossible in the game of cricket. If one thinks that there is no such bowler in the world, whose ball has never been hit for a six, then it is not so at all. There are 5 bowlers in the history of cricket, whose balls have not hit a single six. Let’s take a look at those 5 bowlers whose balls never hit a single six.

1. Derek Pringle (England)

Who can forget England’s star bowler Derek Pringle. Born in Kenya, Darren started his career as a batsman but he also made his mark as a medium pace bowler. He played 30 Test matches for England. Darren bowled 5 thousand 287 balls and got 70 wickets, but no batsman could hit him for a six.

2. Mudassar Nazar (Pakistan)

Mudassar Nazar, who played for Pakistan from 1976 to 1989, played 76 Tests and 112 ODIs. Not only this, if we talk about Test, Mudassar Nazar bowled 5867 balls as a bowler, but no batsman could hit him for a six.

3. Mohammad Hussain (Pakistan)

Former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Hussain got recognition during the 1952-1953 tour of India. Hussain played 27 Test matches for Pakistan. During this he bowled 5910 balls and took 68 wickets. He also never hit a six in his career.

4. Keith Miller ,Australia,

Keith Miller, who played 55 Test matches for Australia, took 170 wickets during his career. During this, he bowled 10 thousand 461 balls, but did not bowl a single ball on which any batsman could hit a six.

5. Neil Hawk ,Australia,

Former Australian player Neil Hewk made his Australia debut in 1963 and played 27 Test matches. He played 145 first-class matches. During this, he bowled 6 thousand 987 balls and no batsman could hit a six on his balls.

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