A junior player was a victim of Sachin Tendulkar’s anger, know the shocking story


Sachin Tendulkar has captained Team India in two matches.
Master Blaster has 100 centuries in international cricket.

new Delhi. No one is aware of the anger of former Team India veteran Sachin Tendulkar, known as the God of Cricket. But there was a time when he threatened a junior player. Master Blaster himself has now disclosed this thing. Sachin has taken the command of Team India twice for a limited time. He could not manage to perform well as a captain. But as a batsman, this player has a complete list of records.

Actually, Master Blaster has shared a story of the tour of Australia under his leadership. When a player became a victim of his anger in his first Australian tour. During that match, that player missed the field and instead of one, the Kangaroo team got two runs. After which Sachin put his hand on his shoulder and threatened to throw him out. No one would know this thing till date but Tendulkar has now disclosed it. The Master Blaster believes that when you are a part of Team India, there can be no compromise.

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He gave away two runs – Sachin Tendulkar

During an event organized by Infosys, Sachin revealed, ‘I was the captain of the team. We had a junior player in our team, who was on his first tour. He was playing in front of a huge crowd and he got carried away. He gave two runs instead of one. I called him after the end of the over and put my hand on his shoulder. No one knew what I was saying to him. He knew that he could not do this. I told him that if you do this again, I will send you home. You will not go to the hotel but will go back to India.

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‘It’s a huge honor to play for India’

Regarding the place of players in the Indian team, Master Blaster said, ‘When you play for India, nothing is compromised. This is a great honour. Millions of people are willing to be at your one place so don’t take it lightly.

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