Aakash Chopra video shared by Venkatesh Prasad is going viral in which he criticized Rohit Sharma KL Rahul Controversy watch Video


KL Rahul has been a constant flop against Australia.
Team India has maintained a 2-0 lead against Australia.

New Delhi. India has made a great start to the Border Gavaskar Trophy against Australia. But team selection remains a topic of constant discussion. The wind blowing against opener KL Rahul is not taking the name of closure. Some are showing the mirror with Karun Nair while some are telling the form of Shubhman Gill. Not only this, this storm has increased so much that two former giants of India have clashed with each other.

The debate between Venkatesh Prasad and Akash Chopra has become well known. The matter was that Venkatesh had started counting the figures of players warming the bench after KL Rahul’s flop show. Along with this, the selection was criticized in clear words. But Akash Chopra did not like this act of his. Then Akash Chopra opposed this or can say supported Rahul. After which Venkatesh also did not lag behind in the debate. But the fans were amused when Venkatesh started showing Akash the mirror from his old tweet.

Akash was against Rohit Sharma

Venkatesh Prasad put his 12 years old tweet in front of people. In which he was questioning the form of Rohit Sharma. Not only this, he also showed a video of Akash Chopra to the people. In which Akash compared Rohit Sharma to a plumber. Venkatesh Prasad believes that when Rohit was only 24 years old. At that time Akash had criticized him. At the same time, Rahul’s age has just crossed 30. Akash had deleted this video from his Twitter after Prasad shared it. But it is fast becoming viral.

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