Adora Magic City China made First Ever Large Cruise Liner weight 135500 tonn length 323.6 meter 2125 rooms all details here

China has prepared its first domestic cruise liner or cruise ship which is named Adora Magic City. Its weight is 13.55 lakh tonnes. It has left from Shanghai’s jetty last Tuesday. This is considered a big success in the sea of ​​China. Recently, China was successful in the successful flight of C919 passenger jet. Now by building a city-sized ship, it has set a new milestone in seafaring technology.

Adora to Magic City Shanghai It is built by the Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Company located in China, which is a part of the country’s state-owned China State Shipbuilding Corporation. CGTN’s Report According to reports, the Line Cruiser took 4 years to build. Now it has been launched into the water for trial. During which it will be put through various tests.

China Adora Magic City, the largest cruiser in the world, has a length of 1062 feet. Its weight is 13.55 lakh tonnes. It has 2,125 guest rooms that can accommodate 5,246 people. This cruiser is as tall as a 24-storey building. Its area is 40 thousand square meters. It consists of 2.5 crore parts, which have been put together to make it. These Parts Fuxing bullet train 13 times more than the parts used in After which it creates another record.

Another special thing is that this is the world’s first such cruise. ship Which is equipped with 5G technology. Its maiden trial voyage is scheduled for July. While the second trial trip will be done in August. The company will deliver it by the end of 2023, it said. At the same time, its commercial operation will start in early 2024. After the delivery of the Adora Magic City cruise ship, China will join the list of countries that can build large cruiser ships. So far only four names appear in this list – Germany, France, Italy, and Finland. After this, China will become the fifth country among them.

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