After complaining in the bank, 50 thousand rupees were withdrawn from the account, this news of cyber fraud will blow your senses! be alert

The information about the problems raised in the bank is also reaching the fraudsters. The news has come out from Mumbai. Here a brother and sister told their problem to the bank. A few days later he got a call. The person in front claimed that he was speaking from the bank. The accused sent a link on the victim’s mobile on the pretext of solving their problems, then obtained the OTP and siphoned off Rs 50,000 from the account.

Media reports According to , the brother of a 32-year-old tuition teacher reached Khetwadi in Mumbai to deposit cash in a cash deposit machine of a nationalized bank. There was some technical fault in the machine. After this the victim and her brother complained to the bank. After a few days, the victim got a call from a person. The person claimed that he was calling from the bank. It is alleged that the fraudster sent a phishing link to the victim on the pretext of solving her problems. After sharing OTP details on that link, 50 thousand rupees were withdrawn from the victim’s account. Police is probing how the fraudster got hold of the information about the problem raised in the bank.

According to DB Marg police, the victims are from Sikka Nagar. On the evening of August 13, his brother went to the bank’s cash deposit machine to deposit Rs 50,000 in cash. The machine malfunctioned as soon as the cash was deposited. The machine was down for the next three days. On August 16, the victim and her brother reached the bank and told about the problem. The bank officials made him fill a form and said that the money would be deposited in his account within a week.

On August 18, the victim received a call from an unknown number. The caller claimed to be calling from the bank and said that he wanted to verify the complaint. The accused sent a link to the victim. As soon as the victim opened the link and typed in the amount of Rs 50,000, an OTP came on her phone. As soon as OTP was entered on the link, 50 thousand rupees were debited from the victim’s account.

Police said the victim approached the police and lodged a complaint on August 18. The police have registered a case under several sections, but the big thing is that how the complaint given in the bank reached the fraudsters. Is there anyone inside the bank involved in this? Police is investigating the case.

keep these things in mind

  • Do not click on any unknown link coming on mobile.
  • If someone asks you to share OTP on a call, do not tell it at all.
  • Verify people who claim to be a representative of the bank

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