After double decker train, see 2 floor airplane, 500 people will travel together

A plane that can carry passengers and travel from London to New York at a speed of 1,850 kilometers per hour in just three hours, would you believe? This is not just a matter of saying, because it is going to be a reality very soon. Oscar Vinals introduced a concept in 2018 called the HSP ‘magnavem’. It is a zero-emission supersonic aircraft fitted with a compact fusion reactor (portable CFR). Let us tell you in detail about this ultra speed passenger aircraft concept.

Oscar Vinals’ HSP Mangnavem concept aircraft was revealed to the world in 2018. It looks like a spacecraft, completely different from the common passenger plane. The giant aircraft may be the future of fast travel, as it can fly at supersonic speeds, fitted with a portable nuclear reactor. The concept aircraft HSP Magnaveum can reach a speed of 1,150mph (about 1,850 kmph). You can imagine it in such a way that it can cover the distance from India to Africa in just three hours.

Oscar Vinal’s according, The second feature of this aircraft is that it has two decks, as you have seen in double decker bus or train and it can fly with 500 people simultaneously. It will have first and business class on the top floor and ‘super tourist’ class on the bottom. It will also have a private suite and spa.


Photo Credit: Oscar Vinals

You will be surprised to know that there will be a ceiling window above the first class passenger seats, whose shades can be dimmed and passengers can also brighten it to enjoy the sky.

This 70-meter long plane weighs 590,000 kg. It has four powerful engines. Thanks to its portable nuclear reactor, this hybrid aircraft can hold an altitude of 15,400 meters very comfortably.

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