After messing with Virat, Naveen again instigated fire, Gambhir also supported, social media post created panic


There was a clash in the match between Lucknow and Bangalore
BCCI had imposed fine while taking action

New Delhi. After messing with Virat Kohli, Lucknow Super Giants fast bowler Naveen-ul-Haq has once again heated up the matter. Instagram post of Afghanistan player has become the source. Naveen ul Haq has written a few things while sharing his picture with team mentor Gautam Gambhir. Gambhir has also reacted to this. It is being seen linked to Virat Kohli.

Sharing a picture of himself and Gautam Gambhir on social media, Naveen ul Haq wrote, ‘Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. In the post, Naveen also called Gautam Gambhir the GOAT. Reacting to the post of this angry Afghanistan player, Gautam Gambhir wrote, ‘Stay as you are, never change.’ This duet of Naveen and Gambhir remains a topic of discussion among the fans. It is believed that Gautam has tried to target those people who are blaming Naveen in his fight with Virat Kohli.

was targeted before
Naveen-ul-Haq had also targeted Virat Kohli through social media on the night of May 1. Then he wrote, ‘You get what you deserve, it should be like this and it happens like this.’

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Let us tell you that Gautam Gambhir jumped into the debate between Virat Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq and the tension increased a lot. People were surprised to see the behavior of two veteran players. Taking immediate action in this matter, the BCCI fined Kohli and Gambhir 100 per cent of their match fees. At the same time, 50 per cent fine was imposed on Naveen-ul-Haq.

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