After months, Rohit suddenly made this deadly player’s entry in the test team, today he will play test match. Hindi News

new Delhi: After a clean sweep of Sri Lanka 3-0 in the T20 series, now Team India would like to completely wipe out Sri Lanka in the Test series as well. To win this Test series, Team India’s new Test captain Rohit Sharma has played a big master card. Let us tell you that the first match of the two-match Test series between India and Sri Lanka will start today i.e. March 4 at 9:30 am. For this Test series, Team India’s captain Rohit Sharma, playing a big trick, has suddenly made a fatal player’s entry in the Test team after months. This player can win the match for India on his own.

Months later, Rohit made this deadly player’s entry in the Test team

For the Test series against Sri Lanka, there has been a sudden return of its biggest match winner in Team India, due to which the Sri Lankan team is also in panic. This player has the power to turn the whole match on his own. This match winner is none other than Ravindra Jadeja, the master of batting, bowling and fielding. In the Test series against Sri Lanka, Ravindra Jadeja will also have the responsibility of playing the role of finisher while batting at number seven. Ravindra Jadeja will also create havoc with his killer bowling and fielding. Rohit will also get tremendous help from this player in making Team India win, that is why after months he has made a comeback in the Test team.

Panic in Sri Lankan team

Ravindra Jadeja is returning to the Test team after almost 3 months. Ravindra Jadeja played his last Test in November 2021. Ravindra Jadeja was out of the Test team due to injury after playing the Kanpur Test match against New Zealand. But now Jadeja is fully fit and ready to create a ruckus in the Test series against Sri Lanka. In Test cricket, ODI cricket and T20 International cricket, Ravindra Jadeja has won many matches for Team India with his swashbuckling batting on his own. With the arrival of Ravindra Jadeja, there is an atmosphere of panic in the Sri Lankan team.

completes the over very quickly

The most important thing about Ravindra Jadeja is that he completes his overs very fast, due to which the opposing batsmen are dodged many times. Ravindra Jadeja wicket-to-wicket bowling gives little chance to the batsmen to score runs. There is no match for Ravindra Jadeja’s fielding. This is the reason that apart from batting, bowling, Ravindra Jadeja’s contribution in fielding is also very important for Team India. Ravindra Jadeja’s record as a bowler, fielder and batsman is very good.

Played his danka all over the world

Ravindra Jadeja has played his danka in the whole world on the basis of his talent. In the last few times, he has made a different place in Team India on the strength of his bowling, batting and fielding. Every arrow is present in his quiver, which can destroy the opposing team. He has proved to be the biggest match winner for Team India. He has made a different place in the hearts of Indian fans. Everyone is well aware of his killer bowling.

Threatened for India in all three formats

Ravindra Jadeja plays for India in all three formats. Ravindra Jadeja has taken 232 wickets in 57 test matches and has also scored 2195 runs. Ravindra Jadeja has taken 188 wickets in 168 ODIs and 48 wickets in 57 T20 Internationals. Ravindra Jadeja has scored 2411 runs in ODIs and 304 runs in T20 Internationals. In 200 IPL matches, Ravindra Jadeja has taken 127 wickets and scored 2386 runs.

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