AI Chatbot War Started Now Chinese Search Giant Baidu to Launch OpenAI ChatGPT Rival Detials

OpenAI’s ChatBoss ChatGPT has made headlines in the recent past due to its Artificial Intelligence functionalities. It answers your questions as if a person is talking to you. Now, when an AI chatbot has made its debut with a bang, other companies are also trying their hand in this field and Chinese internet giant Baidu is also following the lead.

A person familiar with the matter told news agency Reuters told Baidu plans to launch an artificial intelligence chatbot tool similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT in March. Earlier it was reported that Baidu initially planned to launch it by embedding it in its main search engine.

Explain that ChatGPT has been developed by San Francisco-based OpenAI. it A chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence Which answers the questions you ask, as if you had asked that question to a human. It works in a way similar to how Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa work, the difference is that you ask your questions by typing them in.

Reuters reports that Microsoft has a $1 billion investment in San Francisco-based OpenAI, which it is looking to grow. The company Aplhabet Inc. has also worked to add OpenAI’s image-generation software to its Bing search engine in a new challenge to Google.

The race of search engine giants to develop chatbots equipped with artificial intelligence shows that we are soon going to see this future, where you will not have to go through many pages to know something. Instead, you’re going to see answers to your questions, even your homework, coding or your entire project right in front of you with just one sentence.

Chat GPT Tools such as these can be used in real-world work such as digital marketing, creating online content, answering customer service queries, or as some users have found, it can even help users with complex tasks such as debugging code. By mimicking the conversational style of a human, the bot can answer a variety of questions and help ease a variety of tasks for users.

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