Air Force will get supersonic rampage missile with 550m per second speed, the enemy will be destroyed by staying in the range!

The Rampage missile will soon be inducted in the Indian Air Force. Rampage missile is such a missile that attacks the ground from the air. Its length is 15 feet and it weighs 570 kg. Testing will be done for this soon after which it will be made a part of the Indian Air Force. The special thing about the missile is that it can be controlled by GPS. India has taken it from Israel. It is said about it that even if it comes under radar, it is very difficult to intercept it. It supports video transmission over RS-170 interface.

Preparations are being made for the testing of Rampage Missile in Goa, where its testing facility is being developed. It is being prepared in Chikkalam. Indian Defense Research Wing has informed about this. official website given on It supports video transmission over RS-170 interface. In addition, it also supports wireless communication. It is a precision supersonic missile designed with long-range firepower. It strikes the ground from the air, that is, it has to be carried on an airjet first and fired from the air. The missile was designed in response to Iran’s S-300 defense system.

Missile Made by Israeli Aerospace Company. For this it has been said that it can be left in any kind of weather. That is, the missile cannot miss its target even in adverse conditions like thunderstorms. Such missiles are beneficial to a country when it wants to attack a specific target of the enemy by staying within its borders. The radar can catch the missile, but due to the high speed, the enemy will not be able to intercept it and will not be able to destroy it with his missile.

Rampage missiles can be loaded on any fighter jet in the number of four. It runs on GPS and can be controlled from the same. Its guidance navigation is advanced, jamming is also not possible on it. That is, it is not possible to change its direction in the middle of the way by doing any kind of tampering. Once set on the target, it moves at a speed of 350 to 550 meters per second and can destroy the enemy’s base within minutes.

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