Ajaz Patel takes 10 wicket haul against India in Mumbai test but fails to make place in next series


Jim Laker of England and Anil Kumble of India took 10 wickets in 1 innings of a Test.
New Zealand spinner Ejaz Patel equaled Laker and Kumble on the tour of India.

New Delhi. There have been few such occasions in the history of cricket when a player of a team has single-handedly eliminated the opposing team. There are only 3 bowlers in Test cricket whose name holds the record of taking 10 wickets out of 10 against any team in an innings. In this, England’s Jim Laker and India’s veteran Anil Kumble have done a wonderful job of taking 10 wickets in an innings of a Test match. Another bowler included his name in this list, but see the misfortune, the team got defeated and he had to be out of the team.

The Test series played between India and New Zealand in 2021 was memorable in many ways. In this, it is most remembered for Ejaz Patel of New Zealand. In the Test match played between India and New Zealand in Mumbai in December, this bowler took 10 wickets in an innings of India. All the batsmen of Team India were given return tickets alone. India’s first innings ended with a total of 325 runs. In this, Ejaz took all 10 wickets by giving 119 runs in 47.5 overs alone.

Ejaz equals Anil Kumble and Jim Laker

In the Mumbai Test, Ejaz Patel equaled England’s great bowler Jim Laker and Indian bowler Anil Kumble by taking 10 wickets in an innings. On July 31, 1956, this history was created in the fourth Test of the Australia series by England’s Jim Laker. While Anil Kumble set this record against Pakistan on 7 February 1999 in the Delhi Test.

Ejaz’s 10 wickets wasted, leave from the team

The New Zealand team had to face defeat even after Ejaz Patel took 10 wickets in the innings. India had scored 325 runs in the first innings even after the Kiwi bowler’s record performance, while New Zealand’s team was bundled out for just 62 runs in the first innings. In the second innings, the Indian team declared the innings by scoring 276 runs for 7 wickets and won the match by 372 runs by stacking the Kiwi team for 167 runs in the second innings. Ejaz Patel was dropped from the team after this match. He did not get a place in the team for the next series. After December 2021, he returned in July 2022.

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