All the records were broken in Lucknow…not even a single six was hit…the fans kept longing for the boundary


Most balled match without sixes in the history of T20 cricket
Suryakumar Yadav also appeared struggling to score runs

New Delhi, In the Lucknow T20 match, the Indian team got a small target of 100 runs to win. Neither the Kiwi team hit a six nor the Indian batsman could get the ball across the boundary line in the air. Although T20 is considered a game of fours and sixes, but not a single six was hit in this match. Somehow, by crying and beating, India did this match in its favor. Even a power hitter like Suryakumar was able to hit only one four in the entire match. Experts also raised questions regarding the Lucknow pitch.

T20 match without sixes for the first time in India

Gautam Gambhir believes that this pitch was not fit for a T20 match. This is the first time that a T20 match has happened on Indian soil and not a single six was hit in it. Has this happened before in international cricket in T20 format when no six was hit in a match? Has Team India ever been a part of such a T20 match before which was bereft of sixes? Let us give you information about it.

all records broken

When it comes to T20 International, T20 matches have been played three times before without sixes. In the year 2021, the New Zealand team was on a tour of Bangladesh. Then a total of 238 balls were bowled in both the innings in the match. During this, not a single six was hit. In 2021 itself, under the captaincy of Shikhar Dhawan, India toured Sri Lanka.

Then in the Colombo T20 match, a total of 207 balls were bowled in both the innings but no six was hit during this period. Earlier in the year 2010, the host country played a T20 match against Pakistan in Cardiff, England. Not a single six was hit in this 223-ball match. Maximum 239 balls were bowled in today’s match. This has become the most ball match played without sixes in the history of T20 cricket.

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