Amazing! Luxury Bentley car stolen from London found in Pakistan, know how?

An item stolen in one country found in another, of course, wouldn’t surprise you until you add that the stolen item was a luxury car. Yes, you read it right, a luxury car worth crores was stolen in London city of United Kingdom, which was found thousands of kilometers away after several weeks in Karachi city of India’s neighboring country Pakistan. Let’s know the whole matter.

TOI’s accordingIn Pakistan, officials of the Collectorate of Custom Enforcement (CCE) recovered a Bentley Mulsanne luxury car stolen from Britain from a bungalow in Karachi during a raid. The information was provided to CCE by the UK’s National Crime Agency. The report further states that on the basis of information, the concerned officials raided a bungalow in Karachi and recovered the expensive car from there. Unlicensed weapons were also recovered from another bungalow.

This Bentley car was reportedly equipped with a V8 engine and automatic transmission. Its engine number was CKB304693. As per information, the car was found parked near DHA, Karachi. After investigation, the custom team started the raid. Later it was found that the registration number of this car was also fake. The car was stolen a few weeks ago in London and the gang brought the car to Pakistan using the documents of a top diplomat of the Eastern European country. Even that diplomat has reportedly been called back by his government.

The FIR filed by the custom team revealed that the car is worth $3,00,000 (approximately Rs 6.5 crore). The Mulsanne car is one of the costliest cars in the Bentley fleet. In addition, smuggling of stolen vehicles resulted in tax evasion of over Rs 30 crore. The custom official says that they are still on the lookout for the main mastermind of the entire racket.

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