Amazing! Mohit Sharma caught a surprising catch while running long in the opposite direction, VIDEO


Mohit Sharma caught a surprising catch of Shardul Thakur
Shardul Thakur returned to the pavilion with disappointed steps

New Delhi. The 39th match of IPL 2023 (IPL 2023) is being played between Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Titans at Eden Gardens. In this exciting match, Gujarat’s fast bowler Mohit Sharma has surprised everyone by taking a surprising catch. Actually, this incident was seen in the fifth over during KKR’s batting. Mohammed Shami was bowling this over for Gujarat. At the same time, Shardul Thakur was ready to bat in front of him on the last ball of this over.

Thakur tried to hit a big shot on the last ball with full force, but due to lack of proper contact between the bat and the ball, the ball bounced in the air. Meanwhile, Mohit Sharma, who was well prepared in the field, surprised everyone by taking this catch while diving in the opposite direction while running a long run.

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