Amazing of ‘Sharma ji’, beating Dhoni and Kohli to become the number-1 captain of the country in this matter

New Delhi. Ever since Rohit Sharma took over the command of the Indian team, the Blue Army is seen in a different style. Under the leadership of Sharma, Team India has increased its winning graph day by day. Rohit Sharma has led the Indian team in T20 International cricket in 35 matches since 2017. During this, the team has won 29 matches, while it has faced defeat in only six matches. Under Sharma’s leadership, the Indian team has a winning percentage of 82.85 in T20 International cricket.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has led the Indian team in most matches in T20 International cricket. During this, under his supervision, the team has been able to win most matches. After this the name of Virat Kohli comes. Under the leadership of Kohli, the Indian team has played 50 matches between 2017 and 2021. During this, the team has won 30 matches.

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Rohit Sharma’s name comes after these two players, who have led the Indian team to victory in most T20 matches. In a very short time, Sharma has overtaken Dhoni and Kohli in many places in terms of captaincy. A special record in these records is that he has left behind these two captains of India in the matter of getting the most wins in a calendar year.

In fact, Dhoni had won the maximum 15 matches in the year 2016 as a captain for the Indian team. At the same time, in the year 2018, the Indian team had won 14 matches under the leadership of Kohli. However, Sharma has now left these two batsmen behind. Under his leadership this year (2022), Team India has won 16 matches. Not only this, there are still many months left for the end of the year 2022. In such a situation, Sharma has a chance to learn more.

Captains who have led the Indian team to most wins in T20 cricket in a calendar year:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – 15 wins – 2016

Virat Kohli – 14 wins – 2018

Rohit Sharma – 16 wins – 2022*

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