Amazing video Divyang child Ayush completes 100 meter race SDOP Santosh Patel welcomed

Gwalior. If a person is determined, then the biggest problems cannot stop him from being successful. An innocent from Gwalior has done something similar Divyang Ayush Rajak has. Ayush, a child studying in class III handicapped race Participated in and breathed his last after completing the race. Even though Ayush lost this race, but by completing the race, he proved that even the biggest problems are defeated in front of the spirits. Seeing Ayush running in the race for the disabled, everyone’s eyes became moist. Everyone saluted his spirit. The chief guest garlanded Ayush and said, you have won even after losing. To participate in this race, Ayush had come from 35 kilometers away on his father’s cycle.

A race was organized for differently-abled students studying in schools of Ghatigaon block of Gwalior. A 100 meter race was organized in the school of Barai village. Dozens of disabled students participated in this race. Ayush Rajak, a class 3 student of Old Cantonment’s Jigsauli School, also ran in this race. As soon as the whistle was blown, all the differently-abled students started running. But Ayush was running slowly because of his weak legs. He was left behind. But it was the spirit of Ayush that despite being behind, Ayush did not leave the race in the middle, rather he continued to run. Seeing this spirit of Ayush, the people present there also kept encouraging him by clapping. At last Ayush completed the 100 meter race. Ayush had lost the race but even in this defeat he had the biggest victory.

Everyone’s heart won by the courage of Ayush
More than two dozen differently-abled students took part in the race for the differently-abled held in the government school of Barai. The students who won this 100 meter race also got prizes. But Ayush Rajat got the biggest honour. Ayush, a differently-abled student of third class, was at the back of the race from the beginning, but instead of leaving the race in the middle, he managed to complete it. Seeing Ayush running with tiny steps, the people around also encouraged him by clapping. Even though Ayush lost the race by coming at the last position in this race. But Ayush won everyone’s heart with his courage.

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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

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