Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Attended Coachella Wearing 15 Dollar Shirt Internet Reacted Details

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is once again going viral, but this time not for business or his upcoming space projects, but because of his outfit at an event. A recent video and some pictures of him are going viral, in which the billionaire industrialist can allegedly be seen in a cheap printed shirt. These are photos taken during the Coachella event.

Bezos’s picture is going viral on the internet because of his printed shirt, as a social media user found this shirt worn by Bezos on the e-commerce platform Amazon. The special thing is that according to the listing shared by the user, this shirt is only $ 15 (about Rs. 1,200).

Last Friday night, rapper Bad Bunny arrived to enjoy Coachella event, where he was wearing a printed shirt. A user shared an Amazon listing of an almost identical shirt through a tweet, in which the shirt was being sold for $12.

“Loved that Bezos went to Coachella and did what I would do – wore a $15 Hawaiian shirt from Amazon,” the user wrote in his tweet.

However, the shirt seen in the Amazon listing looked slightly different from the one worn by Bezos, with one user writing that it “doesn’t look quite the same”.

In response, the user wrote, “The shirt you buy on Amazon from a retailer named Buzhidao may not look exactly like the one shown in the listing.”

While another user commented, “I really love the idea that Bezos is rummaging through his self in an Amazon warehouse to wear.”

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