Amazon launches e-cargo bikes in London to reduce its carbon emissions

E-commerce company Amazon has introduced e-cargo bikes in place of its van delivery in London. The company has taken this step to reduce the carbon emissions made by it. Amazon is about to open a micromobility hub in Hackney as part of its effort. Amazon will replace its thousands of delivery vans with e-cargo bikes. The Hackney Micromobility Hub will be the company’s first hub.

It is believed that through this, up to 5 million deliveries can be done in a year. The area covered will cover 10 per cent of London’s ultra-low emission zone Passcode District. The company also has plans for its expansion. The company plans to expand this program to other cities in the UK as well. This is one of Amazon’s big plans to reduce carbon emissions.

These e-cargo bikes will be handled by several Amazon partner businesses. The program comes two years after Amazon became a partner in the London Wall car park project. However, this project also has time to start. Amazon is moving towards a global net-zero carbon status, according to John Bomphrey, Amazon’s UK chief. This is reflected in the company’s plans to convert its transportation network to electric.

This program will be extended to other areas of the UK. Micromobility hubs will be opened here in the coming few months. Amazon’s e-cargo delivery systems will improve the air quality of its service area. This will be especially the case for people in Hackney, East London. The UK government is also promoting the use of e-bikes. Along with this, it is also focusing on how infrastructure for all its economy chains can prove to be helpful in reducing carbon emissions.

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