America made the Big Boss of fighter jets! Many times faster than Rafale, enemy’s radar will also fail

America has launched the most advanced aircraft ever in its Airforce. It has been described as more advanced and faster than Rafale. After the arrival of the aircraft raider B-21, the air power of America has now increased manifold as it is the most dangerous aircraft ever for air attacks. The aircraft will start flying from 2023. This is the sixth generation air combat craft which is the latest. Let us know why this fighter aircraft launched on December 2 is so special.

America has got a new weapon for sky power, which is very dangerous as well as advanced. It has also been described as advanced from the Rafale fighter aircraft because aircraft like Rafale are of the fifth generation while the Raider B-21 is the latest sixth generation fighter aircraft. America is now the only country that has aircraft of this generation. It is very compact in size, which means it is very small. Because of this, its speed is also very high, which is said to be 3600 kilometers per hour. And it is capable of firing rapid bombs.

Another advantage of its small size is that it can be flown for a long time during the fight. It can also be flown without a pilot. The aircraft is designed by Northrop Grumman and presented in Palmdale, California. It is being said that it can also hide itself from the radar, and can attack enemy targets with lightning speed.

According to media reports, America will include it in its nuclear squad. Since it has a longer flight duration, it will make the job easier in long range missions. Apart from carrying conventional missiles, it is also said to be capable of carrying nuclear bombs etc. It is also very advanced digitally, with a unique combination of advanced computing, data processing and sensors, which makes its software work extremely fast.

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