American Premiere T20 League: Big cricketers could not become… but bought the team in American League


8 teams will play in American Premier League T20
Both brothers have also played with Yuvraj Singh

Umesh Sharma
Chandigarh. Cricket has always been his first love. This is the reason that even after settling in Australia, there remained a special place for cricket in the heart and now became the owner of the Australian team in the American Premiere Cricket League. We are talking about Munish Soni and Amit Soni of Chandigarh. Of course, both the brothers could not become big players but became the owners of a team in the league with prize money of millions of dollars. This league will start from December 19 and 8 teams will participate.

The story of both the brothers begins from the field of Sector 19 of Chandigarh. Started cricket like a common child, played with Yuvraj Singh as well, got a chance to play state level from Haryana. But could not go further. After that he turned to Australia for further studies and remained the same. But the matches continued to be played on weekends.

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Munish Soni, who has made Sydney his workplace, has come to Chandigarh these days. In a conversation with News18, he said that the plan to buy a team in the American League was made because of his friend and Gulrej Khan, who played together. Gulrej is on the board of directors of the league. Anyway, there was no such league in our time, nor were there so many opportunities. We have taken Australia’s team in the league and any player can play in it. We are in talks with many players from India. We hope that cricket will become more popular in America in the coming times and the biggest contribution will be from India.

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