America’s Frontier became the world’s fastest supercomputer, know who is India’s fastest supercomputer

Supercomputer means machines that no one can compete with. American supercomputer Frontier has been selected as the fastest supercomputer in the world. This is the first computer, which has come under the scope of exascale, that is, it can do quintillion calculations in a second. It is so fast, which can only be imagined. Frontier has achieved this position by replacing Japanese supercomputer Fujitsu.

Ranking of the world’s fastest supercomputers TOP500 It is said. It was announced on May 30, in which America’s Frontier was chosen as the world’s fastest supercomputer. Exascale computing is expected to make a breakthrough in scientific fields where extremely complex calculations have to be solved.

Frontier supercomputer project director Justin Whitt says Frontier showed speeds of about 1.1 exaflops. Thus it beat the previous record holder and supercomputer named Fugaku of Japan, which had achieved more than 0.4 exaFLOPS. Although some reports suggest that several Chinese supercomputers are already achieving exascale performance, they have not yet been reported on the TOP500 rankings.

The ‘Frontier’ prepared after almost three years of hard work will be ready for the use of scientists by the end of this year. Through its capability, scientists will be able to understand how stars explode. Its calculation can be used in many other researches as well. This supercomputer is capable of doing millions of calculations in a second. HP and AMD also have a role in its preparation. Both are big players in the computer industry.

On the other hand, talk about India’s most powerful supercomputer, earlier this year the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has installed a new supercomputer ‘Param Pravega’. It has been installed under the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM). It is claimed to be the most powerful supercomputer of its kind in the country. It is the largest supercomputer in any academic institute. IISc’s Ultimate Velocity has a supercomputing capacity of 3.3 petaflops. 1 petaflop is equal to one quadrillion operations per second. Several components of Param Praveg are manufactured and assembled in India.

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