Apart from Shastri and Yuvraj, an Indian has hit 6 sixes in six balls, very few people know his name.


Apart from Shastri and Yuvraj, an Indian has also hit 6 sixes in six balls.
very few people know the name

New Delhi. The number of fans of cricket in India is in abundance. Such cricketers have come here from time to time who have enhanced the reputation of this game with their excellent performance. The situation is that the record of hitting six sixes in six balls in the field is recorded in the name of not one but three players. We know two players who have hit six sixes in six balls, but the third player is often forgotten.

Who is that third player?

This third player is none other than the current star all-rounder Shardul Thakur. Thakur has also done the feat of hitting six sixes in six balls in the cricket field like Ravi Shastri and Yuvraj Singh. These charismatic sixes came out of Thakur’s bat only at the age of 15.

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Shardul Thakur, popularly known as Lord in the cricket world, achieved this feat when he was a class 10 student. He attended Swami Vivekananda School and R. Radhakrishnan did this feat in the middle of the school in the year 2006. During this, he surprised people by hitting six consecutive sixes in six balls.

Shardul Thakur’s International Cricket Career:

Talk about Shardul Thakur’s international cricket career, he has played a total of 68 matches for the country so far. Meanwhile, he has scored 254 runs in 14 innings of Tests at an average of 19.54, 298 runs in 21 innings of ODIs at an average of 19.87 and 69 runs in six innings of T20 at an average of 23.00.

While talking about his bowling performance, he has scored 27 in 15 innings of Test at an average of 24.44, 50 in 35 innings of ODI at an average of 31.98 and 33 success in 24 innings of T20 at an average of 23.39.

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