Apple AirTag helped US Man Track His Stolen Toyota Camry Vehicle Damaged in High Speed ​​Police Chase Details

A man got his stolen car back, but in a damaged condition, with the help of an Apple AirTag. Let us tell you that Apple Airtag is a small coin-sized device, which is usually used by users to track their specific products. People put it in their personal things like backpack, trolley bag, wallet or key etc., so that they can be tracked through phone. Because of this it became easy to track a stolen car in the US state of North Carolina.

AppleInsider’s AccordingIn North Carolina, a car owner’s airtag helped police track down a stolen car, unfortunately the car crashed during a high-speed chase involving the thieves. A man named Antar Muhammad’s Toyota Camry was stolen by three thieves, which was later traced to footage from a neighbour’s doorbell camera.

According to the report, Antar Muhammad said, “We woke up, and I looked outside and I asked my wife, ‘Hey, do you know your car isn’t in the driveway anymore?'”

However, here the help of Muhammad Portable Tracking Device Apple AirTag Did it. Muhammad also reportedly revealed that he puts airtags on everything from cars to new luggage. He said, “I was able to accurately ascertain that this [कार] Exactly where it is and I zoomed in almost exactly where the parking lot was.”

Reports said the thieves were arrested and the guns found in the car were taken into custody by the police.

Please tell that the price of this coin size tracking device in India is Rs 3,490.

In June last year, AirTag allowed a person to return his was stolen Helped in locating and retrieving the Range Rover.

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