Apple iPhones Airpods Find My App Helps Locate Stolen Car in Texas America Robbers Arrested

Features like ‘Find My’ and ‘Crash Detection’ provided by Apple in its iPhones have helped many people in one way or the other. The latest incident has been reported from Texas in the US, where tech giant Apple’s tracking application and service ‘Find My’ has helped a man locate his stolen car. With the help of this feature, he finds the stolen car.

According to AppleInsider’s report, a person’s car was stolen in Texas city of America and he tracked this car through AirPods. The police have also arrested four people who stole the car of this person named Dwayne Arrington.

The report states that upon realizing that his car had been stolen, Arrington opened the Find My application. He noticed that his Airpods were “in a stolen car at a travel stop on Interstate 35.”

He then reached the truck stop and found five people in an SUV, after which he called the police for assistance. However, they all fled the spot with the SUV, but TOI quoted AppleInsider as saying. Report Says San Antonio police arrested four of them, but a fifth man fled in an SUV.

“The arrest resulted in Arrington getting his AirPods back, as well as police recovering his stolen car,” the report states.

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