Apple’s supplier unfairly took possession of Taiwanese firm

Luxshare Precision Industry, a supplier in China of iPhone maker Apple, has been accused of using a shell company to buy a key Taiwanese company. Luxshare chairwoman Grace Wang allegedly used a Hong Kong firm to conceal her firm’s identity and purchase shares of Taiwan-headquartered Speed ​​Tech.

Chinese companies are allowed to do business in Taiwan only after getting approval from the local authorities. Earlier, Taiwan accused Luxshare of stealing critical business information from a Taiwanese supplier. Bloomberg’s Report Taiwan prosecutors have alleged in a court case that Wang illegally bought Speed ​​Tech shares in 2012. Luxshare, which manufactures accessories and components such as cables, chargers and antennas, has become one of the largest firms assembling iPhones in the last few years.

Recently, Taiwan accused many Chinese companies of stealing technology. Prosecutors say Luxshare hired many of its workers in addition to stealing critical business information from the Taiwanese firm in order to secure orders from Apple. The investigation found that Luxshare obtained orders from Apple by targeting another Taiwanese firm, Catcher Technology. In this case, 14 people have been accused of breach of trust.

Apple has also been accused of misusing its strong position. Competition Commission of India (CCI) against Apple for unfair business practice on App Store the inspection was ordered. The company was accused of misusing its position in the market. The CCI had said that the App Store is the only way for app developers to distribute apps to iOS users. The App Store is pre-installed on every iPhone and iPad. Third party app stores are not allowed to be listed on Apple’s App Store. This ban imposed by the company stops the App Store market for iOS.

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