Argentina vs France Final: Ravi Shastri arrived in Qatar to watch the final battle… shared the VIDEO and told his favorite team!

new Delhi: The stage is set for the FIFA World Cup final. On one side is Leon Messi’s Argentina playing his 5th Football World Cup. So in front of them is the team of Kylian Mbappe of France. Both the teams look very strong on paper. In such a situation, the excitement of the final is also on the seventh sky among the fans. Ravi Shastri, the former head coach of the Indian cricket team, is also very excited about the final match. This is the reason why he has reached Qatar to watch the match.

The title match is to be played in Lusail city of Qatar. Ravi Shastri shared his video from the empty stadium on Sunday evening. He didn’t directly talk about supporting any team, but he talked about supporting Argentina in gestures. He wrote in the caption accompanying the video, “Lusail will be filled in a while. Messi’s fans will be at the stadium in a while.”

In the video, Shastri said, “During my life, I have been moving from one stadium to another. Sometimes to play the match, sometimes for the coverage of the match and sometimes to watch the match. The Lusail Stadium in the background is about to fill up in a while. It is empty now. I have come here early. I am sitting at such a place from where the whole match will be seen very well. The match will start from here itself.

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