Argentina vs France: ‘My favorite team is already out’…KL Rahul told in whose support is Team India in the final?

new Delhi: FIFA World Cup 2022 title match tonight in Qatar between Argentina and France (Argentina vs France Final) will be played between Both the teams have made their full preparations for this great match. The Indian cricket team present in Bangladesh is also all set to watch tonight’s match on TV. Acting Captain KL Rahul (KL Rahul) told that the whole team is going to watch the match sitting together at night.

After defeating Bangladesh by 188 runs in the Chittagong Test, KL Rahul came to talk to reporters. During this he was asked which is his favorite team between Argentina and France. On this the captain said that his favorite team has already been eliminated.

KL Rahul told, “The team we were supporting has already been eliminated. There are some Brazilian fans among us. Some are fans of England. So I really don’t know who are fans of Argentina and France in the team. We will all enjoy the match together and have dinner together.

KL Rahul was asked what is the team’s plan for the FIFA World Cup final. On this he said, “The five days of a Test match become very tiring. We will just enjoy tonight by watching the match. We all love football. You all must have seen that we play football even during warm-up. Even in the room we do the same.

KL Rahul said, “FIFA was big for us earlier but the boys are relaxed. We have other priorities too. In such a situation, it will be very interesting to sit together and watch the match at night. We all would be a little divided about our favorite team. In such a situation, it will be more fun to watch the match.

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