Arshdeep Singh breaks 2 LED Stumps, damages more than one match fee, can buy SUV in the price


Arshdeep Singh broke 2 LED stumps in the match against Mumbai Indians
In the last over, he clean bowled Tilak Verma and Nehal Wadhera.

New Delhi. The 31st match of IPL 2023 was played between Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings. The result of this match also came in the last over. Mumbai needed 16 runs in 6 balls. Arshdeep Singh came to bowl this over for Punjab. But, Arshdeep bowled brilliantly and Punjab defeated 5-time champions Mumbai by 13 runs. In the last over, Arshdeep clean bowled Tilak Verma and Nehal Vedhra in two consecutive balls and on both occasions the middle stump was split in two by Arshdeep’s ball. Arshdeep Singh’s yorker was so accurate that the ball hit straight where the camera was installed. The stump mic also flew in the air as soon as the ball hit the stump.

These two balls of Arshdeep Singh not only gave pain to Mumbai Indians, but also cost the IPL organizer BCCI millions. In fact, you will also be stunned to know the cost of the LED stump that Arshdeep broke into two pieces with his yorker. The cost of a set of LED stump can range from 40 to 50 thousand dollars (32 to 41 lakh rupees). However, the price of Set of LED Stumps with Camera and Jing Bells would vary depending on the brand, design and many other factors. Usually a set of LED stumps of international standard with cameras and jingle bells can cost up to $50,000.

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