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Ashes 2021 Jos Butler Jonny Bairstow Board most uncomfortable flight With T20 World Cup winning Australian team know why

New Delhi. England players Jonny Bairstow, Jos Butler and Chris Woakes, who left for Queensland from Dubai for the Ashes Series 2021, did not have a good journey on a chartered flight. It is not that he faced any kind of problem in the flight, but because of the co-passengers present in the flight, his journey became ‘unbearable’. Actually, the players of England traveled to Australia on the same chartered flight with Australia’s World Cup winning team. During this journey, the players of Australia continued to celebrate winning the T20 World Cup. While the members of the England team sat in despair.

Even before the flight took off, former England captain Michael Earthton and Mark Wood had predicted about the journey that England players could be in bad shape and according to media reports, the journey was also similar. Stayed.

Earthton warned English players
Earthton had said about this trip, “England players going to play the Ashes series will not be enjoying the flight. It will be an interesting plane trip.” Mark Wood, in a conversation with the BBC, echoed the tone of the former English captain, saying that this journey is going to be really unbearable for the English players. You can congratulate him, but when you are going to play an Ashes series against him, it will be the last thing you see confident Australian players waving trophies in front of their faces.

Why did both the teams reach Australia on the same flight?
Players from England and Australia had to travel in the same chartered flight to follow the Corona protocol. If one of the two teams was eliminated before the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup, then both the teams would have taken separate flights to reach Australia. But as soon as both the teams made it to the semi-finals – Cricket Australia (CA) and England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) decided to hire a common charter flight for the players. So that bubble to bubble transfer can be arranged.

This is the reason why members of England’s World Cup team were forced to come to Australia on the same flight with Australia’s World Champion team for the Ashes series.

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England players arrive in Australia for the Ashes
The chartered flight carrying players of both the teams reached Brisbane this morning. Players playing in all formats of England, Jos Buttler, Jonny Bairstow, David Malan, Chris Woakes and Mark Wood reached Australia from this flight.

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First Test of Ashes series from December 8
The first Test of the Ashes series will be played in Brisbane from 8 to 12 December. The second Test will be played in Adelaide from December 16, the third in Melbourne from December 26, the fourth in Sydney from January 5 and the fifth in Perth from January 14 to 18.

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