Ashneer Grover fired a gun by placing it on Virat’s shoulder, said- If Kohli played with Bhopal’s team…


Ashneer Grover fired a gun by placing it on Virat’s shoulder.
Said- If Virat Kohli played with Bhopal’s team…
Ashneer Grover is the co-founder of Bharat Pay

New Delhi. Bharat Pay co-founder Ashneer Grover will not be seen in the second season of ‘Shark Tank India’. He cited the example of India’s veteran batsman Virat Kohli to reveal the reason for his absence from Sony TV’s popular reality show Shark Tank India 2.

Grover has said, ‘Now I will not tell about it in much detail, but it is a simple matter that if Kohli will play for Bhopal team and he has scored 300 runs, then he is dominating the game. Now he should play with India, so I feel that the format of the show is also that, although I am not saying that other people are less but I was more.’

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Talking further, he said, ‘What to do? I dominated. Will not talk much about the show but the simple thing is that if Kohli plays for Bhopal and scores 300 runs then he is dominating. That’s why now he should play for India. Similarly, I think the concept of the show was also similar. I am not saying that others are less, but I was more. Last year I dominated the show. Ashneer Grover said this in an interview with ‘Genuine Bande’.

He said, ‘This year everyone comes and says here again that Ashneer sir de do, then he does not like it because he becomes dominating.’

Talking about Virat Kohli, he is currently a part of the Indian cricket team for the ongoing three-match ODI series against Sri Lanka. In the first ODI, he scored 113 runs in 87 balls and India won the match by 67 runs. While talking about his performance in the second match, he was made to walk to the pavilion after scoring just four runs.

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