Ashwin wants to change the timing of World Cup 2023 matches, the reason is very big, will BCCI agree?


ICC ODI World Cup 2023 is to be played in India.
Ashwin wants the timing of the World Cup match to be changed.

New Delhi. ICC ODI World Cup 2023 will be held in India. Teams have also started preparations for this big and important tournament. In this World Cup to be held in India at the end of the year, teams will have to be very careful for one reason and that reason is dew. Matches have been affected due to dew in the subcontinent, giving an unfair advantage to the team chasing the target. As such, teams that have won the toss for a long time have opted to bowl first, given how dew makes the ball wet and difficult to grip. In such a situation, India’s star spinner Ravichandran Ashwin suggests that the day-night match should be started a few hours before the current time of 1:30 pm.

Ravichandran Ashwin said on his YouTube channel, “My suggestion or rather my opinion is that for the World Cup, we have to see at which place and at what time we are playing. Why shouldn’t we start matches at 11.30 am during the World Cup?” Ashwin cited a recent example of how Sri Lanka, chasing a mammoth target of 374 against India in Guwahati, scored 206 for 8 and reduced the margin of defeat to 67 runs.
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Ashwin said, “India batted beautifully on a slow wicket (in Guwahati) and scored very well. Still he had to fight with his life. There is no quality difference between the teams. If you lose the toss, the dew is reducing that difference.” Day-night ODIs in India usually start at 1:30 pm (Indian time) keeping in mind the TV viewing audience in the country. The timing allows the matches to run till prime time, thereby attracting maximum viewership.

However, Ashwin suggests that a World Cup match will inevitably attract people. He said, “It is said that people will not watch TV at this time, but tell me, will they not watch the World Cup matches?” He further said, “Recently the T20 World Cup was also held in winter. This was not correct. T20 is a fast paced game, how can you play it in winters? People will say that is not the case in Australia, but still, we need to prioritize the World Cup.”

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Ashwin says fans will watch World Cup matches even if they start at 11:30 am. He said, “The ICC knows very well that there will be dew, so let’s go ahead with the game, and if we start at 11.30, dew will not come into play, and why not? Wouldn’t all cricket fans give priority to the World Cup and watch the match at 11.30?” He said that teams like England have already started considering the effect of dew in India during the World Cup.

“The ECB recently invited applications for the position of analyst and one of the key questions they asked was, ‘How big of a factor is dew in Indian conditions in white-ball cricket?’ He further said, “They want to bring the best analytical tools before the 2023 World Cup. He has asked all the relevant questions, so you can see that everyone in world cricket thinks how important dew is in Indian conditions.”

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