Ashwin wants to change this big rule of cricket, knowing that the batsmen will feel chilly!

Team India: India’s star off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin believes that if a batsman misses in his attempt to hit the switch, he should be considered LBW out even if the ball hits outside the leg side. In the switch hit, a right-handed batsman suddenly plays a shot of a left-handed batsman and a left-handed batsman suddenly becomes a right-handed batsman.

Ashwin wants to change this big rule of cricket

According to the current rules, if the ball has hit outside the leg-stump, then the batsman cannot be given out LBW even though there is every possibility of it hitting the wicket. This is considered a ‘blind spot’ for the batsmen where there is a problem in seeing the ball. Ashwin said on his YouTube channel, ‘My question is not whether he can play reverse sweep or not, whether it is a negative bowling line or not, my point of view is LBW. It is unfair that it is not given LBW.

Batsmen will feel chilli!

Ashwin, who took 442 wickets in Test cricket, said, ‘Let the batsmen hit the switch, but if they miss, give us a chance to LBW. If the batsman has turned, how can you say he is not LBW? If he starts giving out dismissals in all formats of the game then some parity can be established between bowling and batting.

Ashwin was referring to the recently concluded fifth Test between India and England, where the hosts chased down the target of 378 runs with unbeaten centuries from Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow to level the five-match series 2-2. Gave. He said, ‘It was the stand of Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow in that match. Root played about 10 shots where he turned completely and tried to play reverse sweep.

played shot 10 times and missed nine times

Ashwin said, ‘He played the shot 10 times but missed nine times. The bottom edge of the bat hit on the 10th spot. Meanwhile, Bairstow continued to hit the pads on the balls. Ashwin said when Root made the ‘switch’ it was no longer a ‘blind spot’ for him and he played a reverse sweep standing up like a left-handed batsman.

Hits like a left handed batsman

Ashwin said, ‘My point of view here is different. As a bowler I am informing you that I am bowling left arm spin over the stump and I have put more fielders on the leg side. You stand as a right-handed batsman, but you play reverse sweep and hit like a left-handed batsman. Ashwin said, ‘But when Root did it, he did not become LBW because of the blind spot. This blind spot is when you are batting in your normal way. When you play reverse sweep and stand like a left-handed batsman, it is not a blind spot.

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