Asia Cup 2023 Long term broadcasting deal may be in jeopardy if India Pakistan match does not happen

Karachi. A long-standing media rights deal between the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and the broadcaster could be in jeopardy if a solution is not found to end the impasse between India and Pakistan over the Asia Cup hosting issue. The hosting rights of the Asia Cup were given to Pakistan, but due to the current political tensions between the neighboring countries, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) said that India would not send a team for the tournament in September. India has talked about organizing this continental competition in UAE or Sri Lanka.

But the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has not yet agreed to this demand, which has led to a deadlock. India’s withdrawal from the Asia Cup will take away the sheen of the tournament and the broadcaster will have to bear huge losses due to the absence of the Indo-Pak contest.

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The source said that under the long-term agreement between the ACC and the broadcaster, it is mandatory that Pakistan and India face each other at least two or three times in this tournament of regional teams. The source said, “It is not possible to have the Asia Cup without matches between Pakistan and India. The settlement is based on this.”

He added that broadcasters were guaranteed that the arch-rivals would face each other at least twice before the final, as happened during the 2022 Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates. He said, “Without Pakistan and India matches, the broadcaster contract will go awry.”

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