Asian Under-20 Athletics Championships: Laborer’s daughter achieved medal in high jump by practicing with bamboo wood, established national record

Jaspal Singh / Fatehabad. “Who says that there is no hole in the sky, friends, at least throw a stone with ease”. Yes, when there is a desire to do something in the mind, then even the biggest difficulties seem easy. High jumper Pooja has done something similar at just 16 years of age. Pooja, a resident of village Parta in Fatehabad, Haryana, recently won a silver medal in the 20th Asian Under-20 Athletics Championship held in Korea. This player made his best effort of 1.82 meters and took the record in his name. With this attempt, Pooja took the under-18 and under-20 national records.

Her father Hansraj is very happy on this achievement of Pooja. Father Hansraj, who works as a laborer on a daily wage of just Rs 500, does not even know anything about the game in which his daughter has done wonders. Pooja’s coach Balwan Singh saw something in Pooja that has made her reach the national level competition.

Jumping pit was made of indigenous jugaad
The success story of Pooja starts from the year 2017. When she went to a government academy with her father to learn yoga. During the physical test, coach Balwan realized that his legs are very strong. The coach thought of getting Pooja trial but there were no less difficulties in the way. Pooja did not have a jumping pit for practice. Pooja’s coach played a native trick on Pitt. He made a jumping pit for worship by filling it with field grass, straw and thermocol, in addition he used bamboo wood as a bar. Similarly, Pooja learned the nuances of high jump.

Mastered the Fosbury Flop in just 3 months
Pooja continued the practice like this for almost a year. During practice, Pooja also got injured many times, but ignoring these difficulties, Pooja climbed the stairs of success. Coach Balwan told that Pooja has a quality that she learns everything quickly. At the age of 12, Pooja was taught the Fosbury flop. The “Fosbury Flop” is a jumping style of crossing the high jump. In which the ‘bar’ is crossed on the back. Coach Balwan told that Pooja had learned it in just three months.

Coach’s friend gifted the jumping pit
Seeing Pooja practicing jugaad, a man named Hanuman gifted Pooja a pit. Hanuman is a friend of coach Balwan and a well-known javelin thrower, although Pooja still uses bamboo wood for the bar. Pooja aims to bring laurels to the state and the country by winning gold medals in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

coach strong demand
According to coach Balwan, Pooja has played national twice in high jump and has also won silver and gold medals for the country. Despite this, Pooja has not received any encouragement or any kind of help from the government and administration. Player Pooja and her coach have sought the help of sports related facilities from the administration so that Pooja can practice more and bring laurels to the country and the state in the sports world. Ajay Kumar, a resident of the village, says that Pooja is a great player and with the help of the administration, she can achieve record-breaking success.

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