Audi partners with Nunam to manufacture electric rickshaws in India from old EV batteries

Now more emphasis is being laid on the manufacture and use of vehicles that reduce dependence on natural fuels like petrol and diesel. The reason for reducing the dependence on these fuels is to reduce the carbon emission in the atmosphere first, because gradually it is now proving to be harmful. To reduce pollution in the world, electric automaker Audi has partnered with Nunam to convert Indian rickshaws into electric vehicles using old batteries. German-Indian startup Nunam will provide technology to build electric rickshaws and charging infrastructure. Nunam says Rickshaw’s option for this program is to optimize the end-of-life EV battery.

In the Audi-Nunam partnership, Nunam will use EV batteries used by Audi to convert rickshaws into electric powered vehicles. Nunam will also provide greener charging stations for new e-rickshaws across India. The Audi-Nunam e-rickshaw concept will be showcased at the 2022 Greentech Festival in Berlin, Germany.

Nunam co-founder Pradeep Chatterjee said that EV batteries are especially important for rickshaws. Rickshaws are clearly used for intra-city and rural transport. It is not very heavy and requires minimum power. Power, range and weight requirements are first for Nunam. The company also targets women in the new e-rickshaw distribution in India. Nunam’s initiative is eco-friendly in a big way. The non-profit startup will use solar panels to generate power for its charging stations. Energy will be stored in Audi’s battery.

This new green initiative can make a needed impact in India. Autorickshaws are a major contributor to carbon emissions in the country. That’s why providing an emission free option for them through e-rickshaws will be very effective. Audi’s RĂ¼diger Recknagel said Nunam is sharing its know-how to advance a cleaner vision for EV batteries globally. There is no word yet on when the e-rickshaw concept will go into production.

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