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Avesh khan is future superstar says delhi capitals bowler anrich nortje – News in Hindi

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New Delhi. Delhi Capitals fast bowler Anrich Nortje may not have surprised anyone with his speed this season, but the way in which he has stopped the legendary batsmen from scoring runs has been surprising. But, what is even more surprising is that Norkia has also started learning Hindi in the dressing room of Delhi and her favorite word is ‘Thank you’. Due to this word, Norkia is saved from many troubles.

Norkea’s name is not in everyone’s mind!

When News18 Hindi asked Norkia if the fellow players were able to pronounce his name properly? Norkia, 27, laughed at this question and said, “Haha, yes I agree that it is not possible for everyone to pronounce my name correctly but what difference does it make. I have no problem in the slightest but I must say that my friends have found a way to call me the right way.

small town bowler

The story of this emerging fast bowler of South Africa is quite interesting outside the cricket field as well. Hailing from a small town not far from Port Elizabeth, Norkea’s hero was Dale Steyn, who himself came from the small town and assured him that he too could do wonders. By the way, Brett Lee’s speed also influenced Norkea a lot in childhood. When the IPL was organized earlier this year, Norkea did not get a chance to play a single match in the first 7 matches, but as soon as the IPL started again in the United Arab Emirates after 144 days, Norkea was difficult to ignore. This bowler took 22 wickets while creating panic in the UAE itself last season.

Norkea have become more dangerous this season because even though they have taken only 10 wickets in 7 matches, they have an economy rate of 5.93. His economy rate is the most economical among bowlers who have taken 10 or more wickets. Last season Norkea had spent 8.39 runs per over, so how did such a sudden change happen? On this question Norkia says, “To tell the truth, I have not really made any special changes. See, even if you have the ability to throw the ball at a speed of 160 kmph, you can still get beaten up. You always have to take care of the basics so that you don’t stray,” Norkia played a key role in taking Delhi Capitals to the playoffs this year.

Test cricket is the real challenge of skill

Even though the new generation cricketer likes the T20 format, where with less hard work, you can earn a name and money too. But, for Norkea, the priority in his career is Test cricket. The African bowler, who has taken 47 Test wickets, says, “T20 has definitely given a lot of opportunities to young fast bowlers all over the world where a lot can be achieved by bowling just 4 overs but for me the funniest red The ball is cricket. Here you have to be very balanced and that too for a long time. Every other day also has a different way of expending our energy.”

Norkea has a special relationship with India

Norkia admits that he has a special bond with India as he made headlines for the first time with the South Africa A team, taking 24 wickets on the 2018-2019 tour. Recalling this tour, Norkia says, “I had heard a lot about Indian pitches, how difficult they are for fast bowlers, but to be honest, I got a chance to bowl on green pitches on that tour. But I got to learn a lot from the tour of India.

Incidentally, this bowler also played his first Test against India in Pune. Norkea has been an excellent student outside the cricket field as well. He has also done a course in Financial Planning from Nelson Mandela University. Norkia says about his studies, “When I was injured, I used this time to complete my studies. I haven’t got any job because cricket has always been my top priority.”

Raising the question of priority on the cricket field, when asked Norkea whether you would like to take the wicket of Virat Kohli or Chris Gayle within 10 runs or be happy that they are scoring runs on your balls at a slow strike rate be? If this happens in a T20 match, what will be their strategy? Norkea said, “Look, it will depend on how the pitch is and the conditions of the match. But, it will always be the first choice to send any famous name back to the pavilion as soon as possible.”

Avesh Khan is a fan of Norkia

In this season, Norkea’s fellow bowler Avesh Khan has taken 23 wickets so far, which is the highest after Harshal Patel (32). On Avesh’s bowling, Norkia says, “What a great bowling Avesh has bowled so far. His pace, bouncer, yorker and all kinds of variations in bowling are very special. He is definitely a future star for India.” Norkia expressed hope that this time the Delhi Capitals team will fulfill the dream of winning the title, which is a collective goal of the entire team.

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