‘Bach ke rehna re baba bach ke’, before the CSK match, Bolt showed fierce form, just one stump and stick goal, VIDEO


Bolt showed fierce form before CSK match
Hit only 1 stump

New Delhi. The 37th match of Indian Premier League 2023 will be played between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings at Sawai Mansingh Stadium. Before this match, the RR team shared a video of 33-year-old veteran fast bowler Trent Boult. Once you see this video of Bolt, even the CSK team will definitely be surprised.

Actually, in the video shared by RR, Trent Boult is seen practicing in the field. During practice, bowlers often bowl by planting all three stumps, but Bolt was seen targeting only one stump. Meanwhile, his target was also accurate and directly targeted the stump. The result was that the ball hit the stump directly and everyone present there cheered him with thunderous applause.

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