Ban vs eng after defeating england shakib al hasan told the secret


Shakib Al Hasan told the secret
Because of this the English team lost

New Delhi. The Bangladeshi team has won the three-match T20 series between Bangladesh and England by 3-0. The performance of the Bangladeshi team during the series was commendable. The host team defeated the opposition team in every field. The comfort of this bold victory against England was also visible on the face of captain Shakib Al Hasan. He has revealed how he got success after winning the title.

Hasan says that he never thought that his team would be able to clean sweep the T20 champions. After the victory in the last match, he said that he got the victory because the fielding of his players during the series was excellent. Apart from this, the opposition team lacked a professional batsman. Which he took full advantage of.

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He said, ‘I think we fielded brilliantly. The format in which two to four runs make a big difference. Everyone must have noticed our fielding in the series. We had got the opposition team out of the ground, which itself is known for being a good fielder. When I consider every aspect of the match, I see that the biggest improvement has been in our fielding.

He further said, ‘We should do consistent fielding in each match. We have set a goal. We want to be the best fielding team in Asia. Seeing the performance in the last series, it does not seem that we are far behind.

Talking about a weakness of the opposition team, Hasan said that they did not have a replacement for Jacques. In such a situation, he mostly relied on all-rounders to field. We took advantage of his weakness. He said, ‘We were very confident even before the series started. The reason for this was the home ground. Apart from this, we also took advantage of the absence of their batsmen. It was a bonus for us that after getting three to four of his batsmen, there were no professional batsmen in the lower order.

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