BattRE Storie electric scooter running 132 km in single charge launched in India, know the price

BattRE Storie electric scooter has been launched in India. This electric vehicle comes with many great features. Apart from being modern in design, it is also modern in features. Metal panels have been given in it and connected drive experience is available. The scooter has a 3.1kWh battery. Smart instrument cluster is available in it and connectivity of Bluetooth has been given. Bluetooth also connects to its speedometer. Call alerts are received on the dashboard itself.

BattRE Storie e-scooter price

BattRE Storie e-scooter The price in India is Rs 89,600 which is its ex-showroom price. This does not include state subsidies. BattRE Storie under FAME II subsidy in India Cell Will be done. This means that the price will go down further from Rs 89,600.

BattRE Storie e-scooter features

BattRE Storie electric scooter has many attractive features. It is a modern scooter that comes with metal panels. Connected driving is available in it, for which Bluetooth is supported. The scooter is powered by a Lucas TVS electric motor and is powered by a 3.1kWh battery. It can go up to a range of 132 kilometers in a single charge. Apart from this, smart instrument cluster is supported in its smart features. The speedometer gets Bluetooth connectivity so that call alerts are received on the dashboard itself. The company has also shared the teaser of the scooter on the YouTube channel, in which all its specifications and features have also been mentioned.

BattRE Storie comes with the Connective Drive feature to locate the nearest charging facility. The seat of the scooter is quite large and there is plenty of leg room as well. BattRE Storie will be sold in India under the FAME II subsidy. This means that its price of Rs 89,600 will come down significantly.

The story is also very beautiful to watch. For this, thermal runway safety tests have also been done, so that the chances of incidents like scooter catching fire will be greatly reduced. Information about when the scooter will be available for purchase has not been given yet. However, the company says that it will be available for purchase soon. This electric scooter will be made available for purchase in 300 cities of India.

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