BCCI has informed broadcasters that matches are set to start at 4 pm and 8 pm from IPL 2023 with less double headers

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has informed the potential broadcasters that the timing of starting IPL matches will be changed from next year. The new timing of IPL matches will be the same as before. The preferred time of BCCI is 8 pm for the start of IPL matches. The BCCI has also said that they will try not to have too many double headers, but the afternoon matches will start at 4 pm.

At present, if we talk about IPL 2022, then the evening matches start at 7.30 pm, while the timing of the afternoon matches is 3.30 pm. In these, the toss is organized half an hour before, but next year we will see that the day the double header match is held, the afternoon match will start at 4 pm, while the night match will be played from 8 pm. The reason behind this is to make good use of prime time.

According to Cricbuzz, the BCCI has informed parties interested in buying broadcasting rights for the IPL 2023 to 2027 cycle, “The BCCI’s preferred time for a double-header is 4 PM IST and 8 PM.” The same timing was seen in the first 10 seasons of IPL, where the match between 4 pm and 8 pm was played in the evening.

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In the second cycle of only five years, the opening time was slightly earlier at the request of the Star Sports broadcaster. Star Sports paid Rs 16347 crore for media rights. In such a situation, the board had to bow down, as Star argued that at 7.30 pm prime time would get an additional 30 minutes, when the number of viewers increased and this would also lead to more advertisements.

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