BCCI starts ‘A-plus’ group for umpires, will get this much money for umpiring in first class match

New Delhi. Nitin Menon, a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Elite Panel, is among a group of 10 officials who have been placed in the ‘A+’ category of BCCI’s (Cricket Board of India) newly introduced umpires. The A-plus category consists of 4 international umpires – Anil Choudhary, Madangopal Jayaraman, Virender Kumar Sharma and KN Ananthapadmabhanan.

Rohan Pandit, Nikhil Patwardhan, Sadashiv Iyer, Ulhas Gandhi and Navdeep Singh Sidhu are also part of the A+ category. There are 20 umpires in Group-A including C Shamsuddin, 60 in Group-B, 46 in Group C and 11 in Group-D.

The complete list was put up at the Apex Council meeting on Thursday which was prepared by former international umpires K Hariharan, Sudhir Asnani and Amish Saheba and members of the BCCI Umpires Sub-Committee. The umpires of A+ and A categories are paid Rs 40,000 per day for a first class match and Rs 30,000 per day for B and C categories.

Although this list was presented in the form of umpires’ grades, a BCCI official clarified that the board has created this group. “It is not ‘grading’,” the official said. It has groups in which A plus is the new class. A plus and A can be called the cream of Indian umpires. Umpires are also good in B and C category.

He said, ‘When it comes to giving a role in the domestic tournament, then the preference will be on the basis of the group. Groups have been formed after reviewing the performance in the 2021-2022 season. The standard of Indian umpires has often been criticized in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Only one Indian umpire Menon is part of the ICC Elite Panel. The official said, ‘We give more preference to the elite panel. There are only 3 England umpires in the elite panel. Australia has 2 umpires. The focus should be on improving the standards of umpiring at all levels.

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