Be careful before calling customer care! More than 31 thousand fake numbers are active on the internet!

As a consumer, we and you must have needed customer service sometime or the other. That is, if we are using a company’s product, for example, AC, TV, fridge or any other appliance or product, then when there is a fault in it, then we first think of calling the customer care, So that the problem can be solved or an engineer can be called for repair. But do you know that online fraudsters have put more than 30,000 fake customer care numbers on the internet! Yes, a recent report is making such a shocking disclosure. We are giving you complete information about this.

Cyber ​​security A company associated with cyber attacks, which predicts the possibility of cyber attacks, has released its report. It has been said that about 31,000 fake phone numbers or contact numbers have been posted for customer service on the Internet. CloudSEK that this Report states that these numbers are designed to deceive, mislead, and online fraud inserted for the purpose of XVigil risk monitoring platform has detected this and told that there are 31,179 numbers which are fake.

A shocking thing has also come to the fore here that more than 31 thousand fraud numbers are active for the last 2 years. That means don’t know how many customers would have been trapped in their trap till now. Out of these 56% numbers are from India while the remaining numbers are non-Indian numbers. About 80% of the Indian numbers found are active and still working.

The data in this report shows that 39.4% of the domains (website addresses) associated with these numbers target the banking and finance sector, 31.2% are related to telecommunication. While 9.9 percent are related to healthcare. In the report, researchers have analyzed a sample of 20,000 Indian mobile numbers which were used by fraudsters in customer care scams. The report says that any major telecom operator in India scammer has not remained untouched.

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