Becoming Pakistan’s coach was expensive for foreign veteran, wife left him, after defeat PCB snatched the post


former coach of pakistan cricket team mickey arthur faced difficulties
Arthur was removed from the post by the PCB after a tenure of 3 years.

New Delhi. Every day some or the other news comes to the fore regarding the Pakistan cricket team. It is common for controversies to join the team and it is very common for not only the players but even the coach to be in and out. Recently, even the President of Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja was given leave. A story about South African veteran coach Mickey Arthur also became very famous. He was removed from the post of coach after the 2019 World Cup, while he was expected to extend the contract.

Mickey Arthur joined the Pakistan cricket team when the team needed a direction. The year 2019 was very sad for him because the cricket board with whom he worked for the betterment of the team, threw him out in one stroke. In the year 2019 ICC ODI World Cup, Pakistan’s team failed to reach the knock out. In the tournament played in round robin format, the team was able to win only 5 matches out of 9.

Coach Arthur’s wife left him

According to a Pakistani newspaper reporter, Mickey Arthur said that his personal life was ruined because of the coaching of the Pakistan cricket team. During the three years he was working with the team in Pakistan, he could not find time for his family. The disadvantage of working with the team in Pakistan was that Arthur’s wife left him.

got angry on the players

According to the news published in the Geo Super TV website, he was satisfied with the service given to the Pakistan cricket team, but the Pakistan Cricket Board did not extend his contract further. When Mickey Arthur was told about this, he was disappointed and his eyes were moist. While working with the Pakistan team, Mickey used to quarrel with his wife. He could not solve it and sometimes got angry on the players.

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