Before Sakshi, this actress used to sprinkle her life on Dhoni! Affair discussed Hindi News

MS Dhoni: Before the marriage of Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) with Sakshi, there was talk of Mahi’s affair with South Indian film actress Raai Laxmi. Apart from the game of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, there was a lot of discussion about his love. His name was also associated with South’s actress Raai Laxmi. Like every time, Dhoni had not said anything about this, but that actress herself had told. The love story of Rai Laxmi and Mahendra Singh Dhoni has also been very famous. The two met during the 2008 IPL. During this time the news of their linkup came to the fore. Later they broke up.

Before Sakshi, this actress used to sprinkle her life on Dhoni

Raai Laxmi is a well-known name in the South Indian film industry. However, among the Hindi audience, people know him only by the name of ex-girlfriend of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team. Raai Laxmi became the brand ambassador of team Chennai Super Kings in the first season of IPL in 2008. During this he met Dhoni. He was the captain of this team. From here the love of both of them started rising. In those days, news of Dhoni and Raai Laxmi’s linkup was often heard. However, soon both of them broke up.

Affair’s discussion

Till date no one knows what was the reason behind Dhoni and Rai Laxmi’s separation. Some time back, the actress had said that Dhoni’s relationship was the biggest mistake of her life. Rai Lakshmi has also said that now many years have passed since that thing and now people should stop discussing about it. Dhoni is married and has a daughter too. Rai Lakshmi was born on 5 May 1989 in Karnataka. He started his acting career with the Tamil film ‘Karka Kasadara’ released in 2005.

Rai Lakshmi is very active on social media

Raai Laxmi was seen in the role of Maya in Sonakshi Sinha’s film ‘Akira’ released in 2016. After this, she also appeared in Hindi cinema in the films ‘Julie 2’ and ‘Officer Arjun Singh IPS Batch 2000’. Rai Lakshmi is also very active on social media. His pictures always make the fans crazy. In the year 2010, Mahendra Singh Dhoni married Sakshi. Dhoni also has a lovely daughter named Jeeva.

The actress made big revelations about Dhoni

After Dhoni’s marriage, Rai Laxmi had said that there was no love between the two. The two were good friends and had never dated each other. When Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s biopic film ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ was released in 2016, a statement of Laxmi came on it. Lakshmi had said that people are unnecessarily talking about my past, while both me and Dhoni have now progressed a lot.

be together for less than a year

Lakshmi had further said, ‘Dhoni was part of the team, so we stayed together for less than a year.’ According to Lakshmi, they never made any kind of commitment to each other nor ever thought of marriage. Lakshmi had said that she knows Dhoni very well, but she cannot give it the name of any relationship. Lakshmi had said that both still respect each other. They have progressed in their life. Our story ended there.

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