Ben Stokes is unhappy with the ICC… Heard fiercely… Is the apex body retreating from its role?

new Delhi: Ben Stokes (Ben StokesThe England team, captained by ), won nine out of 10 Test matches played in the last one year. Everyone is praising the English team for playing Test cricket in the style of ODI and T20. Stokes, who has taken English cricket to new heights, is currently angry with the ICC. The reason for this is the attitude of the governing body of the game towards Test cricket.

The England team recently whitewashed Pakistan 3-0 in the Test series at their home. This was the first time in the history of Pakistan cricket that they faced a clean sweep from any country in Test cricket at their home.

During a conversation with Ian Botham on the BBC show, Ben Stokes said, “ICC is not paying attention to scheduling. The biggest example of this is the ODI series played between Australia and England immediately after the T20 World Cup. These three were pushed on the ODI team. What was the point of scheduling this series.

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‘Damage caused by franchise cricket’

Stokes said, “Test cricket is talked about in a way that I do not like. With the advent of new formats and franchise cricket, it is losing its appeal. We understand that there are a lot of opportunities available to players away from Test cricket, but this is very important to me.

‘Test has to be made entertaining’

Stokes said “If we can put the results away from our mind, it will be a good start. Our focus should be on entertaining every day of the Test match. People should not know beforehand what is going to happen next in this game. If people have the curiosity to know what is going to happen next in a Test match, then we will have achieved our objective even before the ball is bowled.

Ben Stokes requested the ICC to do something different to make Test cricket attractive. “I love playing Test cricket and feel there is something to be done for it. Some people say that you are playing for England, that is enough but a lot remains to be done in this direction. You want that international cricket should be of the highest standard. We have seen that very different types of squads have been selected. Players were given rest. This is not the right way to run international cricket.

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