Ben Stokes on ODI retirement We are not cars where you can fill us up with petrol

At present, England’s star cricketer Ben Stokes, who is included in the world’s best all-rounders, has said goodbye to One Day International cricket. Stokes announced just before the ODI series against South Africa that the first match of this series would be the last ODI of his career. Stokes has taken this decision due to the busy schedule. However, this match against South Africa was not memorable for him. Stokes could not perform well with both bat and ball and his team also had to face defeat.

Yuvraj Singh gets emotional on Stokes’ ODI retirement

Regarding his retirement from One Day Internationals, Stokes said, ‘It was never going to be easy and now that I have become the captain of the Test team and looking at the amount of cricket we have to play in the times to come, it does not look possible at all. Had been. I also have to take care of my body because I want to play cricket for my team as much as possible.

Stokes further said, ‘We cricketers are not a car, you cannot fill petrol inside us. All this comes on us and then we have to bear the impact of it. The schedule is very busy and you are asking a lot of players to give their 100 per cent when they take the field for their team.

‘If I retired from ODI, I was banned by ECB from playing T20’

Stokes gave the example of Stuart Broad and James Anderson, saying, ‘I can see where Broad and Anderson have reached since they stopped playing white ball cricket. I want to play 140-150 test matches for England. In T20 cricket, you have to bowl only three-four overs. Hopefully when I am 35-36 years old, I will be proud of my decision.

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